How to Reprogram Your Conscious Mind to Manifest Anything

Reprogram your conscious mind

Is it possible to reprogram the conscious mind?

Opinions differ about what exactly needs to be studied and explained as consciousness. Sometimes, it is synonymous with the mind, and at other times, an aspect of it. In the past, it was one’s “inner life,” the world of introspection, of private thought, imagination and volition.

Today, it often includes some kind of experience, cognition, feeling or perception. It may be awareness, awareness of awareness, or self-awareness. There might be different levels or orders of consciousness, or different kinds of consciousness, or just one kind with different features.


There are some questions that Science cannot answer.

The questions tied to religion, philosophy and thought are questions that cannot be answered by Science.

You make up the rules when it comes to the power of the conscious mind.

Do your thoughts really have power over your circumstance?

Is it possible to use the conscious mind to tap into the subconscious?

Questions like this are only answered by the person asking them.

Your mind is your connection to the world.

It is the essence of your soul.

The thoughts of the conscious mind can be detrimental to the person who doesn’t know how to think properly.

They can also be the key to making your dreams your life.

What you think about a circumstance determines the outcome of the circumstance.

The conscious mind is powerful.

The evidence shows it is directly connected to your subconscious.

It tells the subconscious mind what to focus on.

The subconscious is your direct connection to the reality program.

It is like the console to a quantum interface.

You inhabit a reality that is based on your perception.

Everything you experience is what you decide to experience.

The outcome of any circumstance in life is completely determined by you.

Science can’t derive an explanation for the conscious mind, or how it fits into the construct because it isn’t something that can be observed.

First of all, there is no proof that reality even exists.

Secondly, if it could be proven, the mechanism of how it all works could never be proven.

The rules of quantum mechanics are not like the laws that govern the physical universe.

Just because you see something, doesn’t mean that is the way it is.

For instance, when we look at the physical world, we see objects in motion.

But when we look at the individual building blocks of those objects in motion, there seems to be more to it than what we see on the surface.

Those individual objects can exist in any number of states or outcomes.

The nature of the quantum world leads us to question everything we know about the physical world.

The world of quantum mechanics is fleeting.

It doesn’t fit in a box.

This is similar to the difference that exists between the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind exists on the surface.

The mind is there to interact with the physical objects in motion.

The subconscious mind exists below the surface.

When you condition the mind, it reflects your will to the subconscious, which begins doing complex calculations associated with the desired outcome.

The Conscious Mind is your Connection to the Quantum Nature of Reality

Life is full of decisions.

The decisions you make move you in the direction of your goals.

They can also move you away from your goals.

The conscious mind is full of thoughts.

Some thoughts are derived from your true self.

Thoughts can also come from other people.

When other people introduce negative thoughts into our conscious mind, it can have a real negative effect.

The people we associate with matter.

The things we listen to mold our thought process.

Because listening to negative messages can cause you to have a negative thought process, it is probably wise to avoid negativity.

You want to achieve greatness, which means you must focus on greatness.

Listen to things that are uplifting.

Ignore those things that bring you down.

Get out of the old mindset by creating a new one.

How to Create a New Mindset

If you want to create a new mindset, you must reprogram your mind.

Listen to affirmations.

Focus on personal development.

For example, when you are watching TV, listen to or read a book instead.

Or when you exercise, instead of listening to music, listen to uplifting messages about personal growth.

You could also learn something new.

In other words, find positive activities to occupy your time.

Think about the negativity that exists all around us.

Look at how many people are miserable.

The media focuses on misery.

Stop watching the news.

Instead focus on person growth.

Replace the negative news stories with positive vibes about yourself.

Spend time thinking about your goals.

Learn to be mindful.

Think about the decisions you make each day.

Rather than listening to negative feedback, focus on the positive.

Instead of telling yourself it is ok to settle, decide that settling isn’t an option.

Stop reacting and start planning.

When you plan, you make a path to the desired probability.

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